Englewood Animal Hospital Foundation
How Do We Help
Every Day, a number of pets get euthanized due to lack of finances. In this ecomony,it has grown at an alarming rate.In a number of cases,these pets have treatble illnesses and with proper care,they can live longer aside there family. Here's how we help.

Give a thorough exam to the patient and discuss treatment options with the owner.

‚ÄčAssistance is provided to people on public assistance, Veterans, low income, seniors, SSI recipients  Documented proof is needed prior to any treatment, such as bank statements, EBT card ,W2, State ID, Benefit award letter. Proof of household income for all family members applying. 
Owner then provides required financial information to evaulute what the needs of the patient are and how we can work together to find solutions. 
"When we provide assistance to pet owners, we focus on the following areas:
  • Cancer treatment
  • Emergency/Critical Care
  •  Spay/neuter Vaccines and      preventative care
  • Clinic medical upgrades and facilities maintenance and expansion.
All clients who walk through our door ultimately benefits from the foundation because it helps subsidize the cost you pay at Englewood Animal Hospital associated with pet ownership.  
‚ÄčSome examples are free exams and lower costs on routine care and common medical procedures.
The EAH Foundation also periodically provides assistance to pet focused rescue groups as well as youth based initiatives in the community."

Care is provided on preventative wellness, elective surgeries and emergency critical care. It is up to the doctors/directors  discretion if the patient will receive assistance based on favorable outcome of the case. 
Owner makes a required contribution of at least 20-50% an the foundation pays for the remaining balance. The patient is provided with medical care and necessary followup visits.